Hiring the right employee is a stage-faced-the-task, where each and every step counts.  Enterprises are facing an uphill task in the society of interconnectivity, where even a single indecisive step makes the candidates question the enterprise capability. Most of the candidates that are in the lookout for a job in the market usually carry more than two offers to have a backup plan.  Even when the candidate has joined the employer cannot answer the question- whether they are sure that the candidate will be with the company even after the first six months.  It was surveyed that the drop off rate for the top 100 companies in terms of size is close to 56 percent for the first year of joining.

 Hiring the right candidate is just the first step of a long journey that you have to take with the new employee. A step-by-step process that eases the newcomer in the company culture and the role to be performed. One of the ways that provide the opportunity to the employees to improve their current portfolio and engage with growing opportunities in the enterprise. Professional development and training is a way that encourages the employee to keep their productivity high and also engage further within their job roles.

A training program should differ employee to employee based on the current skill level and the performance level they want to achieve within the next quarter. In a survey, it was estimated that the revenue of the operation team increased by almost 36 percent when a comprehensive training is provided, while for the other operation team without the training the revenue increased by 24 percent. Streamlining the training process and strengthening the entire program will offer complete benefits when the enterprises want to achieve long-term growth.   A step-by-step training process depends on the future growth plan can assist the enterprises and also its resources to be ready for any type of change.