People around the world are using HR solutions to ease and automate their HR-related tasks. The sheer number of options might seem daunting as comparison of pricing, budget, and features is a difficult task to do.

Considering the need of small and medium businesses, we thought of curating a list of free HR solutions that would suit your team goals and requirements. Each of the tools included in the article has a minimum user rating of 4.0 on Capterra to provide you the list of best five options.

1. Bitrix24

It is a business management suite that works for businesses of all sizes. The suite comprises various applications including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), contact center management, website management, and human resource management. However, the HR app is available for using and working on separately. The HR app enlists features including employee directory, time tracking, calendars, leave management, and recruiting features. To date, Bitrix has registered 71% of users from small businesses, 13% from midsize businesses, and 17% from large businesses. Its top client industries are software technology, IT services, and marketing technology.

Cost to upgrade: USD 69 per month for the CRM plan

2. WebHR

WebHR is a cloud-based human resource management system that works well with all kinds and sizes of businesses. The free version of the application supports up to five users, and it includes employee record maintenance, onboarding, leave tracking, employee self-service, file management, and dashboard functions. Looking at the recent statistics, 51% of WebHR reviewers are small businesses, 29% from midsize businesses, and 20% from large scale businesses. The top client industries of WebHR are software technology, IT services, and marketing technology.

Cost to upgrade: USD 2 per employee per month for more than five employees, though five users are free, and you need to take a premium subscription after that. The paid features are recruiting, performance management, payroll, and administration modules.

3. OrangeHRM

The application is an HR solution that works well for small and medium-sized businesses. It is available in two versions, one is cloud-based and another is open source. The open source version is free, and it offers features such as employee records, leave management, time management, expense tracking, document management, and compliance management. It is generally used by medium and small size businesses, 44% and 56%, respectively.

Cost to upgrade: The open source version is free while the other cloud-based version is paid.

4. Zoho People

It is a cloud-based HR solution that is suited for businesses of all sizes. The free version lets you add up to five employees and enlists features such as leave management, employee database, self-service, and onboarding.  THE Zoho HR module is easily customizable. It allows adding data fields, customizes employee forms, and modify recruiting workflows. The Zoho HR solution is popular among small-sized businesses.

Cost to upgrade: The essential HR package starts at USD 1 per user per month. The paid features of the application are attendance tracking, shift scheduling, timesheets, performance sheets, and query management of employees.

5. Hive

Innovation is never-ending when the primary focus is to generate and deliver HR solutions for the job market and client expectations. The flexible employee feedback platform has provided an agile and intuitive alternative to HR and business professionals. It comprises attractive features, namely, adding question bank, employee group surveying, Employer Net Promoter scoring, peer-to-peer recognition, and data exporting.

The people science service of Hive is exceptional for the engagement and growth of employees. Employees are provided with bespoke training and workshop, action and impact planning, developing in-house skills, and creating feedback sessions.

Cost to upgrade: There is no standard costing for any business and sector. There aren’t any initial setup costs for the platform, and the quotation is extended to companies on their request looking at the individual requirements.


Now, when you have seen the best HR solutions with free packages, it is time to decide which works best for your business. While picking one for your business, see if you can pick a free software with free users or else, make an annual budget for HR software and eliminate the products that exceed it. For much such content on HR solution, do check out our latest whitepapers on Human Resource.