“Technology for HR Solution” Technology has become a buzzword in the Human Resource (HR) vertical from applications for employee management to Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications to filter candidates for potential job posts. Technology is a new resource that can improve your HR Management. Enterprises around the world are adopting technology to improve and make the HR process efficient, it will save time and resources. Alternatively, the enterprises want to reduce the frequent biases that occur during the candidate selection, so technology gives potentially answer to all the challenges for the enterprises.  There are more options available for the small and mid-sized enterprises to improve their human resource process with technology but they have to be aware that the choice will come with a complexity of adoption, implementation, and support. With so many technology solutions in the market that claim to improve the HR process, so the complexity of choice happens to make the total process cumbersome. The technology should be able to solve the majority of the challenges but it shouldn’t increase the requirement for the new resource. The choice increases the complexity of the scrutinizing the HR solution, with so many different software already available but ensuring the right solution is adopted, can lead to forming a barrier in technology. One consideration that many of the business leaders adopt is choosing the all-in-one HR solution for all the tasks, while some go in for a single solution to solve a certain problem. However, both solutions can be adoptively difficult for the enterprises that have dynamic demands and over-questioning human resource professionals that find difficult to use the technology. Many enterprises have adopted cloud-based software solutions for the human resource requirements that encompass all of them. Furthermore, such solutions can be scalable based on future demands and flexibility in adoption.

Here are the Requirements Before Adopting a Cohesive HR Solution.

1. Optimize the Lifecycle

When you deal with thousands of employee under one roof, it can be overwhelming to see some leaving and some joining, a need of an automated solution that can process the required documents and assist the HR professionals to reduce the paperwork. The lifecycle of employee includes different engagement techniques wherein their whole duration with the enterprises can be tracked using the tool, from the first day to the last day all can be organized, with all the increments, promotions and performance reports provided. A lifecycle tool assists HR professionals to make informed decisions when an employee wants to leave the company or decides to abscond.

2. Data Unification

Data unification will depend on how promptly the enterprise is using a single platform to store the data. Storing the Employee data in one location can be simplified with a software solution that can assist HR professionals to maintain all the data records. A single platform acts as a solution to enter the employee data in the system during the onboarding procedure.  Using the paper-based system can be cumbersome in terms of maintenance and also for future references. Enterprises are investing in storage solutions to improve the data security and verification process for all the data entered in the system. Data unification is much more than the data entry solution it will ease the administrative process easing the tasks for the HR professionals.

3. Management and Usage

HR solution affects the complete business operation and employee stability. The management should be ready to understand the employee requirements when dealing with HR tools. Will the solution be able to handle the current load of the requirements and demands? One of the reasons why adopting an end to end solution is much preferred by small and medium scale enterprises, they can offer management solutions without costing extra money for developing management solutions.  The HR solution should be able to deliver a managed data defining the properties of each employee and features that can be applied based on the employee position. Several stages of access and security should be implemented to improve data usage. An employee should be able to access the data but to make changes will have to interact with management and HR professionals, they should provide with a benefit of informed choices.   Evaluating HR technology considers the advantages of the system that manages the entire employee lifecycle.

4. Software Support

When a solution solves multiple problems it’s bound to affect the responsibilities of the working HR professionals in your enterprises. One such responsibility is to make the complete use of the given software solution and implement them in the current operational usage. Support for any of the solution should include training tutorials to assist the employees to make complete usage of the tools. Suppose for example the enterprises aren’t able to login in the tool due to password or username loss, the need of a fail-safe system that can assist the admin to retrieve the username and password along with the data. Software support is one of the most imperative things the enterprise should look for when adopting a software solution. HR ecosystem should be mounted to a specific level as it represents the company scenario in front of candidates and also affects the complete business operation. If you identify the challenges that you face while using a tool, the HR professionals should be able to create the required training process that can assist the employees. A need for an end to end support with the 24/7 availability at least over the chat can be a big boost if you are using the solution.  Scrutinizing the solution based on different requirements and the support can assist in developing complete HR solutions.


HR solutions have to be scalable, dynamic and flexible depending on the requirement of the enterprise. Many of the current HR solution providers are using cloud-based technology to improve the data storage requirements and improved technology flexibility. With innovative technology like Artificial Intelligence and Big data assisting the HR professionals to improve the decision-making process, it will be imperative to look for HR solutions that suit your current and future growth demands.

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