Data Facts, the enterprise involved in offering national and international background and screening services, recently broke the news of partnering with Hirelink, the HR tech firm.

The union between the two companies will help clients reduce hiring risk and manage applicant screening.

The idea behind the partnership

Data Facts and Hirelink as a team offer a simplified ordering interface that expands integration options, improves candidate experience, and bolsters operational efficiency. Additionally, Hirelink works on top of any software that is opened via Google Chrome.

Data Facts with Hirelink offer a smooth ordering interface that supports the expansion of integration options, strengthens operational efficiency, and enhances candidate experience. Hirelink works on top of any software accessed through Google Chrome.

As per Lisa May, Data Facts’ Senior Vice-President of Strategic Solutions, the partnership brings positive aspects to the table for current and future employees.

Lisa May mentioned: “We can now provide a way to integrate with any ATS via a secure Chrome browser extension. We are excited about the quality of this integration, which reflects our exemplary standards of service and support. This integration will make it even easier for our clients to mitigate hiring risk and manage applicant screening.”

Feature list of the integration include,

  • Integration of all HR data from various platforms into one via a browser extension
  • Automatic detection of phone numbers, emails on the current page
  • Connection with any ATS system, even with clients who do not have an open API (application programming interface)

What do expert’s say?

Hirelink’s General Manager, Auston Tesch, is also confident about the new partnership that will provide clients with expanded options to keep their businesses productive and profitable. He Mentioned: “Business functions today require multiple platforms to fulfill one’s work responsibilities, making it difficult to keep up and leaving no room for wasted time and energy. Hirelink is your one-stop solution to save you time and money, working to bridge the gap and keep you connected to all your hiring tools in one system. With seamless integration, Hirelink is the right choice every time.”

About Hirelink

The Hirelink Extension for Google Chrome enables organizations to instantly connect all HR systems and access all their hiring data within a single platform.

Hirelink helps eliminate the daunting process of integrating each system one by one or logging into multiple systems on the solutions front. Software by the company enables integrations with hundreds of different HR systems and services instantly.

About Data Facts

Involved in offering background screening solutions for over three decades, Data Facts provides clients with innovative, sophisticated, transformational technology, and tailormade customer experience.

Its comprehensive and all-rounder support system is the base of client relationships.

Data Facts offers a splendid experience by working around the fastest turnaround times, offering the strongest customer service, and providing the most precise background screening information.