HRSoft, the global leader in rewards and goal-based performance management, recently launched PERFORMview.

PERFORMview is HRSoft’s new performance management system that delivers a range of support processes to streamline performance management within an organization.

It further enables managers to deliver effective and timely feedback and improves employee coordination.

The impact of PERFORMview

PERFORMview brings transparency and simplifies the performance management system. The new software system is engineered to leverage HRSoft’s low-code tech platform to offer a sophisticated user interface, predefined and easily adjustable analysis templates. Additionally, it provides online tools such as tagging, following, and publishing.

Leveraging the new platform, users can smoothly publish and update core organizational priorities. Every employee associated with the business can easily view and adjust performance goals for leaders and teammates.

How does PERFORMview work?

PERFORMview creates collaboration between departments. The system allows employees and managers to create work teams within the system to setup, coordinate work efforts, track, and keep team members on the same page. Additionally, employees can view and create goals linked to the organization’s goals, teammates, or business unit to develop strong coordination between teams.

Unlike traditional performance management processes and tools often caught up with calendar timelines, resulting in inadequate feedback and clear alignment between managers and employees.

PERFORMview resolves these issues with automated scheduling, regular check-in, continuous feedback records, and employee development options. The new system allows administrators to conduct timely and regular feedback to keep employees in sync and retain the performance review’s integrity and value.

PERFORMview also connects to COMPview™, HRSoft’s leading compensation management software, and directly blends with the performance process payments as part of a single workflow.

Future features of the product include optional calibration submodules that support businesses to validate employee ratings, get rid of prejudice, and identify and work with critical potential and high-performing employees.

The expert’s take

David Kennedy, CEO, HRSoft, commented, “HRSoft is proud to release PERFORMview, a performance management solution that helps organizations thrive in new and exciting ways.”

He further added, “From coordinating features to an easy-to-use interface, this software provides a simple and seamless overview of performance management for all team members. PERFORMview is a comprehensive tool for HR managers to provide in a timely manner. Effective and continuous feedback and meaningful year-end performance assessments with employees. PERFORMview allows organizations to better align their employees with key goals, making them happy and confident. You can build a collaborative environment with team members full of.”