Trakstar, an HR firm that helps businesses hire well, communicate expectations, and develop talent, recently got candid about consolidating its portfolio of tools and applications to its leading Trakstar Platform. The company mentioned that the move is a resolution to the employer’s changing and evolving talent needs.

Through this move, the company integrates Trakstar Hire (formerly Recruiterbox), Trakstar Perform (previously just Trakstar), and Trakstar Learn (formerly Mindflash) onto a brand-new platform.

By combining its tools, the company believes it can provide users with a more consistent and simplified experience. Additionally, the company spoke about its recent investment in cloud computing and analytics to enable customers to use performance data and make the best of more detailed insights.

Data transformation with smarter consolidation  

Even though the company’s existing clientele will have access to Trakstar’s modular solutions, the company believes that most customers will go for either the unified suite or a combination of its point solutions. As the earlier modular solutions can offer seamless connectivity, there is no doubt that they will provide better “articulation capabilities” and visualization said Trakstar.

Trakstar CEO Julie Rieken mentioned: “It believes that will serve its customers well. “Companies will need data and technology to meet these evolving challenges.”

Adding ease to integrations

Over and above the consolidation, the company’s platform is updated to offer simple API-based integrations with significant HR systems along with benefits and payroll solutions. Customers also have the liberty to add third-party solutions.