• iiPay’s innovative solutions meet the payroll needs of MNCs.
  • Continuous innovation and excellent customer service helped to boost revenue by about 50% in the past three years.
  • iiPay is an excellent platform for payroll solutions across the globe and allows access to any international data at any time.

iiPay is a leader in developing innovative solutions that exceed and meet the payroll needs of multinational corporations (MNC). Recently, iiPay announced the opening of its new office in Singapore. Singapore acts as a major center for the Asia Pacific (APAC) business operations.

The hub in Singapore is a key juncture for continual investment and growth in assisting across the globe clientele via industry-leading technological innovation and service excellence. iiPay is expanding at a rapid pace by partnering with its present customers as well as adding new customers. Continuous focus on innovation and customer service excellence has boosted the overall revenue of the company. The revenue has increased by about 50% in the past three years.

The unveiling of the Singapore’s office follows the formerly declared launch of its Budapest, Hungary hub earlier in 2020.

As per research, the global payroll and HR software industry is projected to grow at a significant growth rate over the projected period (2020 to 2026). The application of novel strategies by major market players helped the overall industry to rise over the anticipated period. Consumers in rapidly developing Asia Pacific region need precise payroll delivery, improved payroll profile, and global exposure merged with conformity.

Curtis Holmes, Chief Operating Officer, iiPay, said, “iiPay’s investment in the Asia Pac region represents a commitment to serve clients in an exciting growth market with tremendous opportunities to reduce complexities, ensure compliance, and provide a standardized approach to global payroll.” Further, he added, “Our clients expect operational excellence in their currencies, local language, and time zone while respecting cultural norms. We expect to be our clients trusted payroll partner around the globe as they expand their business.”

iiPay is an excellent platform for a payroll solution. It uses a separate technology program to strengthen everyday service delivery and allow efficiently standardized, conformity management, data analytics, payment disbursements, and a single Employee Self-Service experience across the globe.

About iiPay

It is a service-focused industry leader in cloud-based global payroll solutions, propelled by its novel cloud-based technology. Thus, iiPay plays an important role in solving the global payroll gap. iiPay platform helps to reduce reliance on in-country payroll processors, and its gross-to-net engine offers a thorough and clean view into an establishment’s international payroll landscape.

iiPay’s technology solution empowers finance, payroll, and HR professionals via enhanced data analytics, management, and business intelligence functionality, thus allowing individuals to report and access any international information at any time.

The company completely focuses on outcomes by reducing complexity and streamlines multi-country payroll procedures. iiPay has been executed in more than 270 businesses across more than 150 countries, making it more compliant, efficient, and compatible with advanced employee productivity and fulfillment.